Our NGO is a Non Profit Association limited resources:
No Risks will be taken.
Just a couple of cases:
Double-check who you are dealing with:
1. Ukrainian importer "Alexandre Kouchnir" (never found by the Belgian Federal Police),
2. Indian (Varanasi) carpet producers/exporters ("too difficult investigating").
Both using our name and data, falsifying our stationary: EUR 300.000 loss
The Belgian Federal Police did not check at the Polish-Ukrainian border: all goods entered Ukraine and were thereto customs cleared with the submitted original forms.
The Belgian Federal Police did not find any payment for the goods imported in Ukraine and did not check why these goods were not paid by the registered importer represented by an "Alexandre Kouchnir", the person with the same name that ordered the goods and could not be found ...
The Police asked all debtors about their payments after which they stopped paying.
All payments were for services rendered, services of which invoices were submiited. ...
A "friend" is not always a trustworthy business partner, Stefaan Dupon
(now Belmoz, Mozambique): EUR 300.000 loss