Entrepreneurial Association


A representative, non-profit based association of entrepreneurs, companies and business oriented entrepreneurial organisations, that are MEMBER or have expressed the intention to become a member of the association (NACE code 94120),  that mainly organises added economic and social value, on a global entrepreneurial scale, with attention to the local community, the region, the country and the continent, through projects and further interventions in a global context, through facilitating

  1. export, import, cross trade and investment, and

  2. innovative, sustainable, ethical and corporate social responsibility entrepreneurship.

The association can take action wherever and whenever reasonably expected of an international entrepreneurial organisation.



The main facility of the association is passively and actively gathering macro and micro economic, social, cultural, political and security intelligence and actively disseminating the interpreted intelligence between members, similar associations, branch organisations, federations, clusters and government bodies.

The local, often strict rules, for example in connection with privacy, copyrights and publicity are respected.

A more passive form of (collective) information gathering is by buying books, subscribing to newspapers and magazines, purchasing access to relevant internet sites and news channels, hearing lectures and courses, participating in conferences, seminars, networking events and other B2B, by taking part in fact finding missions.

A more active form of gathering (targeted) information is by buying studies, assessments and advise, and organising in-house dinners, drinks (seat catering) and restaurant meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings and fact finding missions.

The gathered information is interpreted in order to multiply (collective) or self-produce (tailored) the information suitable for the added economic and social value. Before self-producing or multiplying the information is litmus tested on the ethical, fraud avoiding (no corruption, no money laundering, no economic espionage), sustainability and corporate social responsibility aims of the association and its creative entrepreneurial, innovative, multidisciplinary, sharing economics, triple helix, internationalisation and competitiveness merits.

The tested and purpose selected information is multiplied through all accessible and purposeful shapes and platforms, including

- hard copy (e.g. New Year's Letter),

- www.jacare.biz,

- video (e.g. Malawi secondary school),

- YouTube (e.g. Antwerp Pro Tour - Ukraine is 1; Yaroslav Popovych),

- courses (e.g. https://www.jacare.biz/kopie-van-tools-forensic-auditing),

- lectures at conferences, seminars, workshops (e.g. https://www.ukrcham.net/speakers), university and knowledge centre visits (e.g. https://www.ukrcham.net/speakers-kherson),

- mentorships for universities (e.g. FDI in Ukraine: Impact ENP),

- cooperation agreements with research and training centers in economics, public administration, foreign policy and global economy and development (such as Kiyiv Mohyla Business School in Kiev, National Academy of Law in Odessa, MBA for Kids in Kiev, National Institute for Strategic Studies in Kiev, Razumkov Center in Kiev, and other for Ukraine only),

- regular contacts with government bodies in the various countries, and
- actions and projects (cfr. infra).

The tested and self-produced information is confidentially used for facility layouts, feasibility studies, assessments, logistics implementation and advise up to the wishes and needs of MEMBERS.


Actions & Projects

This intelligence the association interprets for active

1. net working & (tailor made) pooling;

2. fact finding trips & (tailor made) missions;

3. creation and leading of mixed Chambers of Commerce, such as the Belgian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce VZW, the Belgian-Georgian Chamber of Commerce VZW, the Flemish-Kurdish Chamber of Commerce FV, the Flemish-Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce FV and other;

4. where mixed Chambers of Commerce are available, through these, if not (yet) directly, match making;
5. where mixed Chambers of Commerce are available, through these, if not (yet) directly, advocacy & lobbying.

The association stimulates, initiates, organizes and manages in a transparent manner actions based on multidisciplinary, sharing economics and triple helix collaboration, hereby supporting and implementing government policy and public recommendations where possible for an independent member association with its own objectives.

The association may attract fees, allowances, funds, sponsorship and other public and private payments, in a transparent manner.

It may attract and provide permanent and temporary representation, advocacy, promotion and protection, in a transparent manner.

The association acts indepently, apart from political and economic self-esteem or profit. 

Active Members, Volunteers & Assets

In each continent the association has active Members. They pass intelligence of value to the other active and to the silent, paying members.

The association provides and commits in a transparent manner with a continuously accessible, hospitable and professional organisation that has the necessary office, gathering, hospitality and accommodation facilities: the association is entitled to the rights of use of the building "Jacaré House", where the registered office is located, in addition to the rights of use  of all fixed movable goods that is attached to "Jacaré House" and which as such are insured against damage and theft according to the detail indicated in the inclusion list deposited with the fire and theft insurer, according to a retention of title agreement with the active member Jacaré S.A., Paraguay, that owns the goods.


The association connects in a transparent manner to all other agreements with natural and / or legal persons, including to service and disbursement contracts, also for the authorised delegation of management and advisory members, and of employees, with their experience, expertise and certificates of professional competence, e.g. the certificate of professional competence granted to Mr Luc Pysson No. B.793 on 19 October 1987 for the pursuit of the activities of transport commissioners (pursuant to the Statute of Transit Freight Transporters Act, 26 June 1967 and Royal Decree Decision of 18 July 1975).

These activities are offered under the trade mark «Jacaré Logistics» (since 1984).


Commercial Practice

The association may take action wherever and whenever to promote its goals. In that sense, it may act as a commercial practice only in so far as its proceeds are paid to the purpose for which it was established. It does not aim to make any profit. It will not go beyond its means of a small not profit organisation with a limited financial coverage of potential risks. It will not puchase to sell commodities or commercial goods with substantial value (read https://www.jacare.biz/food-2).